Senin, 13 Januari 2014

When Earth Send Wishes to The Rain

Rain rain rain,,
Would you mind to be friendly to your old friend?

You know what?
Your earth send wishes here,
And people starring to the sky too.

Please bring love and some luck, 

Wash sadness or wipe tears of the world,

Let us forget bad memories in your light rain

Please let we pass the road,

Don't stay to long, but don't forget to come closer every year,

You know what?
Actually, It's so hard to say goodbye to you...
It's always make us remember how sad letting go our beloved past love story,
Be kind to us, company us to new day with another sunrise.

We promise,
We will always miss you, we will.
We always miss to celebrate your coming home.

Rain, could you hear this?
Would you read this?

Thank you rainy day for coming

With love, 
Earth, human and our memory.

Minggu, 05 Januari 2014

Good Goals in Your Life

You always need good goals in your life,

Don't care if you are a good or bad person who think about it.
As long as you are human, I think setting some great goals won't be sin.
That's part of human will that God give to human soul.

Goals and hopes makes our mind keep on works and has a life. Has a purpose.
Small or big is just an option, good or bad is just about choosing.
One thing that we have to realize, we live today is for some reason.
It's not one of movie line that I heard, I just think this is for real.

Goals, time and result.
Three things that become a good friends.

When we talk about time,
I think it's okay if you need time and process to get your personal goals.
Actually, all we need is patience, plan, effort and little luck that we asked to God.

Maybe in time also we will learn about not expecting too much for applause or approval from anyone. Sometimes we forget about this and make it as our primary needs,
make this our big purpose for our bigger goals.

But just don't too naive,
when other people see what you do or hear about what's your dreams are,
There's always possibilty they won't understand and hurting you by underestimate what you do.
The risk always be there.
Like it or not, you tell them or even you're not.

I don't know, even though you know this statement,
maybe temptation to get some appreciation become another needs that hidding in human heart.
Sometimes, it really hard to tell but it also hard not to get it.
It's so itchy to exist more.

But one thing that will be our good news,
When we just keep steady on track,
When we feel happy with what we do,
When we sure about there's always light waiting in future,
When we know our goals will make good influence to around,
When we keep holding on with our dreams with realistic will,
When we believe God watching our good intention and will help,

Our strong heart will make any barrier seems possible to through.

So what's your goals?


“What keeps me going is goals.” 
― Muhammad Ali

All content is opinion of the writer, inspiring by true experience and long days of contemplation
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